Well it had to happen. I am just surprised it took so long.
For about seven years, I have been touting my favorite jig as I describe my fishing adventures in these pages.

Finally a local bait maker has had the good sense to start producing them. Grandslam Baits is a brand new company in Edgewater. The owners are the father-and-son team of Rick and Brad Kayholm. They only make soft, plastic baits and intend to feature my favorite chartreuse shrimp tail with gold fleck. Hallelujah!

For the past several years, our only supplier has been a company in Louisiana. Now, we can keep that business right in our own community. Soon after they opened, Rick and Brad called to inquire if I had any interest in their products.

Did I ever. I hopped into my old Ford truck and beat a path to their door. I didn't have to spend much time with the fellows to see they have a passion for what they do. Their walls are lined with a wide variety of plastic baits, but you know I was immediately drawn to the bags of shrimp tails. Brad showed me tails in several colors that all looked great The chartreuse is dead on and the root beer looked good, but I was attracted to the white with a tiny red fleck they call peppermint crunch.

As we all know the first job of a bait is to catch a fisherman and it had done its work.

Before I left, the Kayholms presented me with a couple packs of those and some of the chartreuse. I couldn't wait to get the new white and red into the water, but the next morning the wind was really whipping and I was grounded. Sitting in front of the TV and fingering the new jigs could only last so long and soon I grabbed up a rod and headed for the dock at the end of my street. I knew full well that I had not caught a fish there in over a month, but I couldn't wait to try my new Grandslam Bait.

Feeling just a little foolish, I made a poor cast into a stiff wind. No sooner had the white and red jig hit the water when I felt the familiar thump of a flounder. Sure enough on the very first cast I landed a 15-inch flounder. As I lifted it onto the boards, I had to shake my head. No one will ever believe that I caught a fish on the first cast of the new jig. Then on the second cast I caught another. I have to tell you I am reluctant to even write about this, but I wouldn't have the nerve to make up such a story. The white with red fleck had produced two flatfish on my first two tries.

After that, I made about 30 more casts and hooked one more that got off. A couple days later, I took the same jig wading in one of my favorite flounder holes and hooked four. Three escaped, but a nice 18-inch fish came to dinner. The jig works. As of this writing, I have not tried the chartreuse, but I know that one works, it is my all time favorite.

Grandslam Bait is a wholesale supplier; so tell your favorite tackle store about them.

If you want to know where they are sold, call Brad at (386) 275-6557. I would really like to see them succeed. To that end I have agreed to allow Grandslam to put my name and likeness on their shrimp tails. They will be sold as Dan Smith Special Edition. Through the years I have had several requests to use my name, but this is the first time I have agreed to do it. Captain Leo Hiles is working with them to build his favorite lure as well. Hopefully, Grandslam Baits will be around for a long time to keep us all supplied with that little bit of magic that will guarantee our fishing success.

Dan Smith has fished the waters of Volusia County for more than 40 years.

E-mail questions and comments to fishwdan@att.net.

His book, "I Swear the Snook Drowned," is available for $10.95 at (386) 441-7793.

      Capt. Brad  { aka Wham Bam Boy }                     Rick  { aka Pappa Wham Bam }                  Amanda  { aka Wham Bam Girl }

Fishing Palm coast ICW and Matanzas Inlet... The Awesome blues are biting and the best bet for the anglers that loves the rod bent with over 40+ Bluefish per person!!! Also fishing the oyster bars along the ICW with Grandslam Baits... Shrimp Tails on a 1/4 ounce jig head bouncing the bottom produced some great Flounder action!!! Redfish & Spotted Seatout would prove to be along the grass lines along the ICW with muddy bottom and sand patches. Captain Mike Vickers is a Great Guide And keeps the action going with the many beautiful fishing hot spots of Palm coast! More info call Captain Mike Vickers @ 386-569-9674

We were looking for someone to help us with colors for our soft bait lures. We met Retired Fishing Instructor Capt.Leo Hiles who has been fishing these water for 62 years and wrote a book using his Techniques. Leo helping us test our lures for color, movement  and sound so we can design  a lure that will make the fish strike.  Each GRANDSLAM BAIT LURE are hand pour and trim so the fishing person will have the BEST CUSTOM MADE SOFT BAIT LURE on the end of their hook. Email captleo@cfl.rr.com

    Grandslam Baits "Fishing Lures"

    GrandSlam Baits

    EDGEWATER – Lagoon Bait & Tackle/Oak Hill Seafood has successfully completed the transition from its cramped quarters shared with another tenant to its new location at 4233 U.S. 1, Edgewater.Enlarge |Store owners (from left) Laura Huffman, Al Huffman, Greg Noel with store volunteer Bonnie Harney.News-Journal/Godwin KellyAt its former location, store owners Al and Laura Huffman and Greg Noel had just 500 square feet of space. The new digs are a much more spacious 3,600 square feet.“We definitely needed more room,” Al Huffman said. “When this building became available, we jumped on it.”As the name implies, this is two shops in one. The business caters to local fishermen and customers who want fresh seafood.“Our motto is ‘fresh, local seafood,’” Laura Huffman said. “Everything we sell is caught by local commercial fishermen.”“Anything we sell here, was swimming around a day or two ago in local waters,” Noel said. “If it’s not fresh, we don’t buy it.“We don’t buy stuff from China. It’s all out of these waters so we support local fishermen right here.”The Huffmans say people drive from Ocala, Daytona Beach, Orlando and several other areas to purchase their homegrown seafood product line.“Stores have to post where the seafood comes from now,” Laura Huffman said. “They have to show what state it comes from or country it comes from. I can tell you exactly where our seafood comes from each day.”Oak Hill Seafood takes its wares to the New Smyrna Beach Farmers Market every Saturday morning, where it enjoys steady sales from loyal customers.The other half of the store caters to anglers. The shop not only sells a variety of live bait, but carries a full line of fishing tackle and outdoor gear.
    Again, the owners lean toward the local theme in the bait and tackle shopping area. They try to stock live bait netted in local waters and, whenever possible, use local vendors.The store was the first to carry Grandslam Bait, which are artificial baits manufactured in Edgewater. Grandslam is now gaining recognition on the state and regional levels.In addition to selling fresh seafood, tackle and bait, the store has developed another revenue stream by renting kayaks, canoes and a boat with an outboard motor.“If you can’t haul them to the river, we will get them down there for you,” Al Huffman said.Moving the storefront has been a big success for this locally-owned retail outfit.“We’re always thinking about how to make the shop better,” Al Huffman said.
    Made By Fishermen For Fishermen * OUR BAITS ARE HAND CRAFTED, 

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    Some Say, "Lures Don't Catch Fish They Catch Fishermen!!"
     If the Fishermen was not Caught first, by the Rod / Real / Line and Lures they uses then they Would Never Have Had The Chance To Catch THE BIG ONE’S!! There is a lot of lures being sold today, and most will lure fish by the right Fishermen. When used by the right fishermen Our Lures are Hand Poured and Hand Trimmed from Top Quality Plastic's. GrandSlam baits are packaged from my home to yours. All Our Lures are scented. Each color and type have been tested in real life in open water "NOT JUST IN POOLS! " Each color has been use to catch a fish by our pro staff repeatedly
    before the lure is named. Then GrandSlam Baits are distributed out to the local
    Bait Shops so our fellow fishermen may enjoy. We don't develop a color just
    because the Big Name bait companies say so. We can securely say our lures have
    caught fish and will keep catching fish. GrandSlam Baits more durable than most
    that are on the market today.


                                                  Owners : Father and Son ~ Rick & Brad Kayholm  & DON'T FORGET AMANDA

     Rick and Brad brain stormed until it hit them. KONK!! Our Life as my son was growing up was traveling across the country playing Baseball From age 8 we were on the road. As I was coaching his travel teams from state to state We always had our fishing poles with us. Fishing all over the country in our travels. As most kids hit the theme parks we hit a catfish hole, and trout, bass, or what ever was hitting at that time of the year. We went from Ice fishing to lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, Beach/ bays where ever the fish were. As he got older and played baseball in High School to college and then off to Professional umpiring the 2 loves we both had was baseball and fishing. So we put them both together from hitting a Grand slam in the ball game to fishing came along GrandSlam Baits.  How Can we go wrong. And

    there you have it, How our name came about.